About Me


'If people became rain, some would be drizzles and some would be hurricanes.'




My name is Bri (like the cheese). I'm a California native who has left 24/7 sunshine to live in the Pacific Northwest. I love eating good food, dancing to 90' hip hop, and mimicking people's accents.

I started this blog to share my fitness journey and healthy recipes, and to document my progress on this never-ending fitness and health  journey. 

As a friendly warning I tend to obsess over things.  For example, when I started indoor cycling I went to one class and loved it.  The very next day I went and bought $100 cycling shoes and went to class 5 times a week for a month.  That's just my style, and because of it I've been able to dive really deep into a lot of different fitness programs and examine their effect on my well-being.

I started on Instagram as @The_Happy_Hurricane and regularly post pics and updates there, so follow me to keep up!

Any collaboration inquiries please email me!